Schilling settles claim with ex-partner

Keith Schilling, senior partner of Nicole Kidman's law firm Schillings, has settled a seven-year fight over money with a former partner

Paul Lambeth, a partner who left Schilling's former firm Schilling & Lom in 1996, recently served a High Court claim on Schilling and former co-head Nicholas Lom for around £30,000.

Lambeth was claiming the money for profits he said he was owed from his time at the firm. Although he left Schilling & Lom seven years ago, the accounts from that year were not finalised until the settlement, made last Thursday (13 March).

Lambeth submitted a claim form to the High Court asking for an order winding up the affairs of the partnership and an inquiry into the amount due to him. This has never been a claim against Keith Schilling's current law firm Schillings.

Schillings is the third incarnation of the celebrity libel boutique set up by Keith Schilling, the protégé of legendary media lawyer Oscar Bueselinck, and Lom.