IBA calls for Mugabe prosecution

The International Bar Association (IBA) is urging the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate and try Robert Mugabe for crimes against humanity, including murder, torture and inhumane acts

IBA director Mark Ellis said: “No single act would more accurately reflect the purpose and importance of the ICC than to have Mr Mugabe as the first individual tried by the new court.”

The IBA made the call to all state parties of the ICC, each of which has the authority to request that prosecution be initiated.

Although Zimbabwe is not currently a ratified state, if there is a change in government it could immediately call for the ICC to take jurisdiction over the country.

It also means that Mugabe could be tried for any crimes committed since the ICC came into existence last July, even though the country was not ratified at that time.

Ellis said there was already sufficient evidence to justify the investigation of allegations that Mugabe has committed and continues to commit crimes against humanity.

“He's now under the watchful eyes of the new criminal court,” added Ellis.