SFLA predicts bright future

Family lawyers have a bright future as long as they adapt to change, according to David Salter, the new head of the of the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA).

Salter, a partner in Addleshaw Booth & Co, took over as SFLA chair at the group's annual conference last week.

The former SFLA vice-chair helped formulate the group's policies towards the Family Law Act and he has also chaired the association's procedure and pensions committees.

“There is a very buoyant and confident feeling for those family lawyers who are prepared to adapt and change,” he said. “I see it as my role over the next two years to ensure that feeling of confidence is maintained.”

He predicted that the implementation of the Family Law Act would be a major area of concern in the coming year.

Salter's deputy is Rosemary Carter, who won the Association's first contested election to take the post.

Speaking at the conference, outgoing chairman Nigel Shepherd said that the SFLA should give priority to consolidating relations formed with politicians and their advisers, to selling the organisation to existing and potential members, and to increasing the SFLA's profile with the public.

“Imminent initiatives include the publication of a leaflet explaining why people should choose an SFLA member and a new national, local-rate telephone number. These are all steps towards encouraging a greater awareness of the Association.”