Poison-pen GP is cleared

Personal injury solicitors Lesley Herbertson and Ann Alexander say they are appalled that the General Medical Council has decided to take no action against a doctor who sent them an obscene letter.

A client of Herbertson's had made a complaint of alleged medical negligence against her GP, Dr Richard Mrozinski.

In a scrawled letter to partners in Herbertson's Altrincham firm of Alexander Harris Solicitors, Dr Mrozinski made a series of personal and obscene remarks to Herbertson.

Mrozinski, a former Tory councillor, had earlier sent a note to the firm referring to Herbertson as a “frustrated sow, moving from empty trough to trough, looking for a pot of gold”.

The GMC was told Herbertson and senior partner Alexander were shocked and disgusted by the letters. However, the GMC concluded that while Dr Mrozinski's letter was offensive he was not guilty of professional misconduct and no further action would be taken.

“I'm very disappointed,” said Herbertson after the decision. “I cannot believe this doctor was not even reprimanded for the letters he wrote.”