Commercial Bar directory proves an overseas bestseller

MANY of the 3,793 copies of the 1997 edition of The Commercial Bar Association Directory are being distributed abroad, underlining its international popularity.

Around 850 copies of the 176-page booklet are destined for continental Europe, 200 for the Far East and 600 to other overseas destinations.

Seventy-five copies of the directory have even been printed in Arabic.

Commercial Bar chair John Jarvis QC said the large number of letters from international law firms and in-house teams praising the booklet provided enough anecdotal evidence to prove the booklet was achieving its aim of making the English Commercial Bar more accessible.

However, Combar has no plans to follow The Bar Directory's lead and include outlines of barristers fees in the booklets

Jarvis said the aim was edit the information as tightly as possible to keep the directory compact and manageable.