Rosling King sues client Rothschild

City firm Rosling King is due to appear in court to recoup unpaid legal fees of more than £100,000 allegedly owed to it by an arm of international banking house NM Roths-child & Sons

The High Court trial was due to start today (17 June), and an application last month by Rothschild Trust to have the case transferred to a costs judge was rejected due to the imminence of the trial. However, the case has since been delayed and a new trial date has yet to be fixed.
Commercial and banking firm Rosling King acted for Rothschild Trust in a professional negligence action. Lawyers had estimated the costs to be between £75,000 and £100,000, but this was subsequently revised to £108,000.
Rothschild Trust alleged that the firm's bill was excessive and unreasonable and refused to pay the fees. Rosling King is seeking to recover £125,000 from Rothschild Trust.
At the recent interlocutory hearing, Mr Justice Neu-berger rejected the application for the case to be put before a costs judge rather then the High Court, saying it was because it arrived late and the parties had already embarked on a particular course.
Rothschild Trust and Rosling King both declined to comment.