PI firms quick to take up online settlement option

Leading personal injury (PI) firms were signing up to a new online 'blind bidding' settlement service last week

Five firms are to sign up to the WeCanSettle scheme, pioneered by trade union firm Thompsons. Manchester PI firm Donns Solicitors last week became the first firm to make a formal commitment to use the system firmwide.
The web service provides a blind bidding facility, allowing law firms and insurers to forward settlement figures so that a realistic figure can be put forward instead of narrowing the issues gradually.
Thompsons case management partner Rachel Sarfas said: “The prime objective was to speed up the process of obtaining compensation for clients. We settled several cases on the same day we opened them in WeCanSettle, and the fastest was concluded within just four minutes of our first offer.” The service is now being extended to all the firm's national offices.
Donns senior partner Raymond Donn said: “The settlement process can be the most arduous part. WeCanSettle will allow Donns to enhance its settlement process.”