Lawyer readers are winners

Finally, we have two competition winners this week.
A couple of weeks ago, Tulkinghorn set a task to find the budding marketeers among you, asking for tips to aid Hammonds' marketing department in selling its latest client win, that of a leading condom manufacturer.
A certain 'Trev B' went in on the theme of flavoured condoms, coming up with the imaginative strapline: “Hammonds Suddards Edge… The taste of things to come”. Very good. But the winner is James Barisic, a law student desperately trying to avoid revision (by reading The Lawyer) who came up with a number of alternatives: “HSE wins first cap”; “HSE & new client – both strong, sensitive and 98 per cent reliable”; but his winning entry must surely be “HSE – not just any old Johnny come lately”. Boom boom.
Simultaneously, Tulkinghorn has been running a 'spot The Lawyer' competition, offering the tempting prize of a plate of pie and liquor to whoever could spot which famous TV series featured The Lawyer recently. Our winner – awarded to the first correct answer received by Tulkinghorn – is Ashleigh Williamson of Barlow Lyde & Gilbert, who correctly spotted The Lawyer on the desk of Little Mo's barrister in EastEnders.
As Williamson rightly pointed out, the scene was “very realistic”, since Mo did not appear to have a solicitor at all. More surprisingly, perhaps, our winner has declined to accept her prize. Oh well, Tulkinghorn will just have to eat alone… again.