Judges rule on clog stink

An interesting little snippet appeared in The Times' higher educational supplement last week, under the heading 'Dubious legal feet'. It described how judges in the Netherlands were recently given a selection of barefooted volunteers as part of an unusual identity parade to help them decide if a man on trial for taking his shoes off in public exceeded the smell barrier.
The article reported that the man had been accused of a breach of the peace after removing his shoes and socks time and again in the Technical University's library in Delft, despite clear signs forbidding it. During the trial, the man willingly took off his shoes and socks for the judge and jury to smell and complained that he was being discriminated against.
Tulkinghorn wonders what further restrictions ought to be considered. Perhaps a ban on dress-downs at partner retreats; and for Shearman's US contingent, presumably an absolute ban on 'soccer'.