Cool as Hell

Tulkinghorn found time this week to dip into the Legal Executive journal, which threatens to displace CPS News as Tulkinghorn's favourite read (notwithstanding the fabulous CPS News offer of a stylish Crown Prosecution Service pen to all published letter writers). Legal executives often get a bit of a raw deal, with many of the more mundane lawyers' tasks dumped on their desks for little of the rewards on offer to high-flying City slickers. But the Institute of Legal Executives (Ilex) has worked tirelessly to make it a profession to be proud of; a real community even. To all those efforts, Tulkinghorn salutes you, Ilex, but feels that the organisation may have erred with its latest initiative – the Ilex tie and scarf. Oh yes – or rather, oh no – the purple tie/scarf is described as “a subtle design of the Ilex coat of arms”. The two models forced into sporting these ridiculous garments smile bravely, but to no avail. The picture puts them in a social setting, playing pool. One presumes that the message is intended to be “Look! You can still look good in your Ilex tie when relaxing after work”. Tulkinghorn is happy to offer counselling to any poor individuals forced to sport such a hideous offence to sartorial elegance.