SA lawyer sets up in Erskine Chambers

SOUTH African Senior Counsel Leon Kuschke has set up practice in London's Erskine Chambers after successfully completing a three-month pupillage with the set.

Kuschke, who was admitted to the South African Bar in 1979, took silk in 1991. He joined the chambers of Richard Sykes QC from his Capetown practice at the start of the month.

Initially working on a six-month tenancy, Kuschke says he has not yet decided whether he will return to South Africa next year or establish a permanent base in the UK.

“I wanted to broaden my experience in company law, which is my specialty in South Africa, and hopefully expand on an international basis,” says Kuschke.

Kuschke began his UK pupillage in 1993, breaking his study into three month-long tranches carried out over the past two years.

He decided to join Erskine Chambers on the recommendation of a fellow South African lawyer who is also working in London.

Senior clerk at the set Mike Hannibal says the chambers are keen to retain Kuschke at the end of his six-month term.

“There are very few people with his level of company law experience in this country,” says Hannibal.

“Those who are at that level at the Bar tend to have already established themselves in their own chambers.

“As a South African Senior Counsel he will be able to give us a great deal of extra experience in the company area and in advocacy.”