Bradford lawyer faces expulsion

A SOLICITOR who attacked his secretary and called her a “scrubber” and a “slag” was due to face a decisive meeting this week after being ordered to pay £8,000 compensation by an industrial tribunal.

Bradford lawyer John Macleod pinned the temporary worker to a wall and pushed her out of the office causing superficial injuries, the tribunal panel decided.

He lost his temper after he discovered she had made a personal telephone call from work. The £8,000 award was for “hurt feelings”.

Now Macleod, senior partner of John Macleod & Co, faces further punishment. The city's law society is considering expelling him and the Solicitors Complaints Bureau is investigating the case.

Graeme Brown, president of the local society, says he has demanded an explanation from Macleod, and a meeting on Monday was due to consider whether he should be banned.

Brown, managing partner with Bradford firm Eaton & Co, says: “Other solicitors take a very dim view of this sort of conduct.”

MacLeod has been reported to the SCB by Isabel Manley, the Bradford Law Centre solicitor who represented the woman.

Macleod claimed he was “set up” at the “kangaroo court”. He is considering an appeal against the ruling and award. He also says he will vigorously resist the expulsion move.