MP fights Simmons on ICC

Sittingbourne and Sheppey MP Derek Wyatt tabled an early-day motion last week calling for Simmons & Simmons consultant Karyl Nairn to hand over the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Articles of Association

Wyatt and his solicitor, Taylor Wessing partner Jonathan Haydn-Williams, are considering the possibility of legal action against the ICC following its decision to refuse the English & Wales Cricket Board's (ECB) call for its match in Zimbabwe to be transferred.

“Simmons and the ICC have stonewalled us,” said Haydn-Williams, after Nairn denied on three occasions to give access to the ICC's constitutional document.

However, Nairn described Wyatt's claims as “very inaccurate”, adding that under English law the ICC had no obligation to hand over documents, unless Wyatt gave a reason as to why he wanted the body to disclose them. Nairn said that given the opportunity, Wyatt had failed to do this.

Denying the accusations of stonewalling, Nairn said: “The [ICC's] door is always open.”

In light of the ICC's position, Wyatt and Haydn-Williams are suggesting that the two parties mediate.