Like a rolling stone…

The legal market is a lot more fluid than it used to be. Once upon a time Tulkinghorn would be shocked to hear of an esteemed colleague moving firms, but now it seems that any yankee doodle firm with a fist full of dollars and a cheeky smile can entice a partner from a magic circle firm.
While there are those that have benefited from this new paradigm, former Swedish MP Rolf Åbjörnsson could teach them all a lesson. After retiring from politics, Åbjörnsson was expected to join his old firm Lindahl, where he had worked for years prior to his foray into the political arena. But failure to reach an agreement resulted in the former Christian Democrat MP joining Hellström & Partners.
While most of Tulkinghorn’s friends would blush at staying at a firm for less than two years, two months was too much for Rolf, so he set off for Setterwalls.
When Mayer Gotshal Latham & Sterling sets up its first Stockholm office, it will have a good idea of where to start looking for its first Swedish partner.