ILAC sends team to aid Sri Lanka's legal system

The International Legal Assistance Consortium (Ilac), an umbrella group for the world's largest law organisations, is preparing to launch a mission to Sri Lanka to find ways of rebuilding the country's judicial system

By sending a single team of judges and lawyers, Ilac hopes to avoid the chaos that happened in the aftermath of the conflicts in Bosnia and East Timor, where some 20 law organisations dispatched missions, all of which were effectively doing the same thing.

To date, the clearest impression of Sri Lanka's post-conflict legal system has come from investigations carried out by senior Australian judge Justice Marcus Einfeld, in conjunction with Australian Legal Resources International. On the back of Einfeld's work, Ilac has made requests to all its member organisations, including the International Bar Association and the Am-erican Bar Association, to find judges, lawyers and pro-secutors to participate in its mission, due to start in mid-March. Ilac's aim is to help Sri Lanka's legal system and judiciary return to the state it was in before the conflict.

Ilac's first mission was to East Timor on the back of a UN invite. Its executive director Christian Ahlund is currently in Kabul assessing the local interest in receiving a mission to assist in the rebuilding of its legal system. Ahlund was invited to visit by the EU.