Helping out with HIV

The publication of Professor Avrom Sherr's finding that a large number of lawyers have experience of acting for clients with the HIV virus or AIDS (The Lawyer, 4 February) is welcome, but not entirely unexpected.

Recognition of the diverse areas of practice which can be relevant to people affected by HIV or AIDS is also helpful.

Practitioners should be aware that the Terence Higgins Trust has the most extensive HIV/AIDS law library in the UK, together with three full-time solicitors and 65 volunteer solicitors and barristers covering most specialist areas of practice.

In addition to being involved in policy work, such as introducing the 'living will' jointly with King's College Medical School and lobbying the ABI for less prejudicial life insurance terms, our brief is to give free legal advice to anyone affected by HIV or AIDS.

We are, therefore, very willing to assist fellow practitioners who themselves have clients who might benefit from our expertise.

We can be contacted during office hours Monday to Friday on 0171 831 0330 and between 7pm and 9pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings on 0171 405 2381.

Roger Yates

Group Leader

Legal Services Group

The Terence Higgins Trust