Herbert Smith has revamped its diversity strategy, expanding its inclusivity group and dividing it into five distinct sub-groups.

Previously the committee had 12 members comprising a mixture of partners and senior support staff. That number has been increased to 20, with Iain Gatt QC taking over the chairmanship from corporate partner Martina Asmar, who remains in the group.

The committee has been divided into groups to focus on gender, ethnicity and social inclusion, sexual orientation and gender identity, work-life balance, and disability.

Diversity manager Carolyn Lee said: “Previously the group met on a monthly or six-weekly basis to talk about diversity and work on our strategy. Each member had to get their head round every aspect of diversity, which is a huge piste.

“The idea with the focus groups is that the gender group, for example, will be the gender champions for Herbert Smith. Each person will gain indepth knowledge of the issues. The rationale is to have people who really understand the issues of the strands they’re looking after.”

The sub-groups will meet monthly to come up with strategies and the full committee will also meet regularly to ratify and implement the individual strategies.

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