Shadow conspiracy

Henri Brandman, the lawyer who acts for Denise Van Outen and Jim Davidson, has just realised that he is a celebrity solicitor in both senses of the words.
For years, Brandman has been vaguely aware of the same cars circling his West End firm, but assumed the drivers to be neighbours. In actual fact, the immediate environs of his office are a training ground for junior tabloid newspaper reporters, and for years Brandman has been watched constantly.
Brandman only discovered the situation recently when talking to a journalist who is ghost-writing a novel for one of his clients. “I've been here before,” the journalist told Brandman. “In fact, I was here for years at the beginning of my career, driving around outside your office. Did you never notice?”
Brandman has since turned the situation to his own amusing ends. Sometimes in the early afternoon, he will walk east while holding heavy documents, looking like he is off to the Old Bailey. When the newshounds have followed him as far as the nearest sandwich shop, Brandman picks up his lunch and returns calmly to his desk.