Quotes of the year

Review of the year

“Women should be absolutely delighted when men say, ‘Show us your legs’ in a funny way” – Vanessa Lloyd Platt, Lloyd Platt & Company, 9 April.

“I’m very interested in trees and the different colours of the leaves” – Anthony Cann takes over at Linklaters, Fiona Callister Interview, 2 July.

“At the first partners conference I went to a couple of years ago, I thought that I’d joined the Moonies” – Jonathan Chamberlain, Wragge & Co, 25 June.

“There’s the danger of the Clifford Chance syndrome – if they do something, we have to do it. If it means doing A or B, so will we, but only if it’s good for us” – Marc Bartel, Asia regional manager, Lovells, 23 April.

“I think, socially, City people get very inept. People forget about issues and life if they work here too long” – Kenneth Gray, the Norton Rose aviation finance partner who left the law to set up a charity for HIV-positive people, 5 February.

“I’ve been so harassed, so bullied, so abused in the past three years, that the fear I had is gone; the only thing I now fear is God” – Kamlesh Bahl, Fiona Callister Interview, 17 September.

“The problem is that a lot of lawyers are too far up their own noses to see that the law is actually quite simple” – Michael Coleman, Harkavys, 24 September.

“These days my greatest luxury is getting half an hour to tidy my underwear drawer” – Lesley MacDonagh, Lovells, Fiona Callister Interview, 1 October.