Two birds with one moan

Guffaws of laughter echoed around Tulkinghorn Towers last week when news reached it of Bird & Bird‘s… ahem… compromising position with new burlesque club Volupté, which entertains patrons in the basement of the firm’s building.

Tulkinghorn’s scribe immensely enjoyed his conversation with the club owners, the delightfully named Kuki La-Belle and Delores von Cotier. They were at pains to stress their club is very welcoming to Bird & Bird partners, of which Tulkinghorn has no doubt whatsoever. (Tulkinghorn, being of unquestionable moral virtue, is unable to confirm personally the epicurean delights of Volupté.)

But the firm is adamant that two birds are more than enough and has been rather hot under the collar when it comes to discussing the club. Perhaps management fears an emptying of its meeting rooms as client entertainment takes place downstairs?
But Tulkinghorn would like to clarify one point from The Lawyer‘s front page exposé last week – entry to the club is free, unless you’re headed there on Friday or Saturday nights. An important point as the financial year-end approaches. With so many birds involved, let the flocking begin.