Oar-fully hard challenge

It’s well known that lawyers are fond of a spot of lunch in a nice restaurant; consequently, some might find themselves a little on the wrong side of portly. But those sickeningly energetic people at the Freshfields gym are attempting to rid the firm’s lawyers of excess flab by challenging them to ‘inspire a workmate’.

The idea is that the Freshfields gym bunnies persuade a colleague to attempt a ‘realistic’ challenge in the gym – with the incentive of holiday vouchers or bottles of bubbly as carrots.

Great idea, and one that could be useful to many a lawyer. But Tulkinghorn has to take issue with the gym’s definition of ‘realistic’.

Finishing a circuit class or participating in the mysteriously named ‘Plank Off’ is one thing, but rowing 1,000m in two minutes would put Freshfields lawyers up there with the Steve Redgraves of this world. The 1,000m indoor rowing world record is 2:39.6, achieved by a top rower, not a flabby lawyer.