Manches demands Gizmondo payment

Manches has launched a bid to recover more than £500,000 in unpaid fees for work carried out for bankrupt video games company Gizmondo Europe.

Manches litigator Clive Zeitman has issued a High Court claim form demanding £551,329 from Carl Freer, Gizmondo’s chief executive. Gizmondo was owned by parent company Tiger Telematics until it was handed over to the liquidators in February.

“We got guarantees from Freer and Tiger,” Zeitman told The Lawyer. “This is a debt collection and we’ll stand in line with everybody else.”

Zeitman said the firm did “an awful lot of work for Gizmondo”. Manches supported the European release of the eponymous hand-held games console and secured trademarks for the company.

It may have a long wait. According to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Gizmondo had debts of more than $260m (£148.5m) for the first nine months of 2005. It left companies queuing for payment, including PR company Ogilvy and Formula 1 team Jordan.

Lass Salt Garvin, the London private client boutique advising Freer, refused to comment.

In February this year, former Gizmondo executive Stefan Eriksson was involved in a car crash, writing off a red Ferrari Enzo. The value of the $1m (£571,100) car was roughly equal to the amount demanded by Manches.