It's been a bad week for…

Mark Brown, a member of one of the UK's richest families, walked free from court this week after being found not guilty of organising an anti-capitalist demonstration which led to a riot. Brown, a former public schoolboy and grandson of Sir Derek Vestey, was alleged to have been one of the organisers of the Carnival Against Capitalism which took place in the City of London on 18 June last year. Brown's alleged involvement was revealed when police claimed to have discovered emails relating to the event during a search at his Notting Hill flat.

Former ITN newsreader Fiona Armstrong, who told Leicester Crown Court how she had been tricked into investing in an ostrich farm which went out of business owing inv-estors millions. Armstrong was said to have lost more than £17,000 after appearing in a promotional video for the Ostrich Farming Corporation (OFC) and investing money in the business. The court heard that the OFC had promised large profits and had taken almost £22m from more than 2,000 investors in less than 16 months. The case continues.

Those who believed real-life "fugitive", the late Dr Sam Sheppard, was innocent. Sheppard's conviction for the murder of his pregnant wife 46 years ago – the inspiration for the 1960s TV series and film The Fugitive – was upheld this week by a US court. The doctor was acquitted in 1966 after the supreme court decided media attention may have affected the jury's decision. But the doctor never managed to shake off the suspicion caused by the case. The posthumous retrial had been demanded by his son, Sam Reese Sheppard, who has always maintained his father's innocence.