Sticky labels won't do it

It seems a shame to shatter the illusions of Nicholas Brown ('Training and sticky labels' The Lawyer 4 April) just as he is entering the profession, but the use of a sticky label on an applicant's envelope is highly unlikely to sway a prospective employer one way or the other, What is inside the envelope is infinitely more important than what is on the outside.

Who would benefit from this arrangement? The prospective trainee? Unlikely. The firm? Highly unlikely. Unfortunately, the people who benefit from such a scheme are exactly those responsible for it in the first place – the Law Society.

They have certainly done little to assist existing or potential recruits to the profession. Sanctioning new establishments to teach the LPC for an already top-heavy market only makes matters worse. The profession is saturated, and until the amount of people entering the profession is regulated, there is never going to be a solution to the problem of too many trainees and too few jobs.

The Law Society dictates how these people study, what they learn and how they are trained and qualify. Perhaps for once, they should consider the futures of their newest member, rather than their own.

Graeme Simpson

Tunbridge Wells TN4.