No Law Soc-TSG deals

I am writing with reference to John Malpas' article 'Trainees must make salary choice' (The Lawyer 4 April).

I was recently asked by the Law Society for my comments on the issue of minimum salaries for trainee solicitors and the proposals for its abolition.

As a law graduate who has been unsuccessfully seeking a training contract for several years, I would welcome any proposal which would increase the number of vacancies.

I would also urge Roger Jones of the Law Society's training committee not to enter into "arrangements" with the Trainee Solicitors' Group, who I understand are demanding an increase in the minimum salary.

The comments of Richard Moorhead, chair of the group, that a "low" salary is driving people away from the profession are, at best, misguided and it is perhaps time that Jones begins to represent members of the Trainee Solicitors' Group without training contracts.

I wait in anticipation for the results of the meeting, and to discovering who truly represents the views of those wishing to enter the legal profession.

Alper Deniz


Kent TN9 2RB.