A short time in…..

The Law Society has probably had its worst week ever. Its council's presidential candidate John Young was hounded by the press from his candidacy over what he accepts as "minor but regrettable" sexual incidents.

He insists his decision was because of the three- cornered election with the danger of a Mears/Sayers ticket getting in. Otherwise, he says he would have tried to ride the storm. Whether he would have been able to is debatable.

Assuming Henry Hodge decides to run as the "council man", he will undeniably be a stronger candidate without a burdened Young, and with his legal aid credentials.

Eileen Pembridge will have earned the thanks of some for having brought the allegations to the fore, although she maintains this was not her intent. But if she goes gunning for the officers who cleared Young for presidential take-off, she could find this backfires.