War of words as CC partners do battle

Finance partner Richard Pettit, who was one of the first to declare his candidacy, was knocked out last Tuesday.
The manifestos were posted on a partners-only website last week. The one to attract most comment is that of litigation partner John Beechey, who is understood to be taking a populist anti-management line – a line which has historically played well at Clifford Chance. Beechey, who has underlined his fee-earning abilities, has distanced himself from the other candidates by saying that he is the only one of the five not currently in a management role. The other candidates are German corporate partner Thomas Gasteyer and London finance partners Michael Bray, John East and Stuart Popham.
Popham is the only global practice area head to stand. If he wins, London finance partners Mark Campbell and Malcolm Sweeting are likely to stand for the global role. However, with three finance partners standing for senior partner, there is speculation that there will be a split vote.
Irreverent website Roll On Friday conducted its own poll last week, with Gasteyer triumphing. However, insiders say that Gasteyer is unlikely to repeat this success with the partnership.