The night shift

There are certain things that lawyers really shouldn't do. Sleeping with a client is bad; sleeping with a number of your clients is even worse. Tulkinghorn is therefore a little concerned by the behaviour of Paul Renney, head of e-commerce at Theodore Goddard, who is planning to do just that. And he's got the audacity to sleep with them on the same night and in a public place. And if the clients aren't enough, he's got a few celebrities lined up for good measure. Tulkinghorn, shocked (and secretly a little impressed) to hear of such antics, undertook some further investigation to find out what it was all about.
It turns out that Renney's behaviour is actually rather commendable. He's joining over 250 senior IT executives and celebrities in a sleepover in Finsbury Square to raise money for youth homelessness. The group has already raised more than £650,000 for the event. Anyone else wishing to get a piece of the action should check out Tulkinghorn has already purchased some rather smart pinstriped pyjamas for the event.