Nabarros goes after £200K fees from client

The firm has instructed Bruce Levy, a partner at Myers Fletcher & Gordon, to take property clients Bertrand Velge, Brita Freifrau Von Gueltingen and Erich Bammer to court.
In April 2001, Velge and Brita retained Nabarros to provide tax, conveyancing and corporate advice on several property transactions. Nabarros alleges that both defendants entered into a retainer agreement and would be jointly liable for the fees incurred.
The third defendant, Bammer, was an investor in the property deals, and according to the claim form made an oral indemnity agreement with Nabarros to be responsible for the claimants' fees in any event. Nabarros claims that all three defendants are liable for the fees under their various agreements with the firm.
Levy said his client had no comment to make. Litigation partner Keith Corkan at West End firm Collyer-Bristow is acting for Velge. At the time of writing, the other two defendants had yet to select their legal advisers.