Keeping abreast in partnership

In many firms, making up shedloads of women partners would be a cause for a certain amount of celebration – lots of PR value, women breaking through the glass ceiling, trebles all round. Ah, but not at Ashurst Morris Crisp. According to managing partner Justin 'Pankhurst' Spendlove, the fact that Ashursts made up 14 female partners in the space of a couple of years isn't in the least remarkable, even after aeons of allowing only three women in the partners' dining room. What's more, or so confides Justin, they were all made up on merit, not like those Labour shortlists. Mrs Tulkinghorn is intrigued. Is Justin saying that in other law firms women partners are not made up on merit? Or would Justin perhaps have been less dismissive if a male hack had asked the question? Perish the thought.