Mears stalks Girling with 'mistakes' dossier

As Tony Girling chairs his first Law Society Council meeting as president this week, it emerged that Martin Mears, his ousted predecessor on the council, is busily preparing a dossier of his mistakes.

Mears has told friends that he is compiling a critique of Girling's presidential term of office, to be made public just before the next presidential election.

When Girling was elected, Mears promised to remain on the council and pledged to contest next year's elections.

In view of the bitterness of the election campaign, many in the society have been bracing themselves for a barrage of public criticisms against Girling by Mears.

It is believed Mears is planing to hold his fire until the end of Girling's year, aware that if he keeps sniping he could be seen as embittered and may lose credibility with the electorate.

He may have in mind the experience of Henry Hodge, the man he defeated in last year's presidential elections. Hodge remained on the council after Mears ousted him, but created ill-feeling among fellow council members when he later launched a scathing attack on Mears through The Lawyer.