Where's the IBA voice?

The whole situation concerning foreign lawyers opening offices in India is somewhat alarming for the practice of international law. (The Lawyer 19 September)

It seems that in many cases developing countries want international financial backing to build up their infrastructure but are not prepared to offer those providing the finance their choice of legal advisers.

It is a trend which is developing across the world and there are other countries which are also trying to ensure that foreign law firms do not establish a presence.

It is undoubtedly a pity that GATS (General Agreement on Trades and Services) did not come up with a solution to the problem. Surely now organisations such as the International Bar Association should be taking a stand on the matter. After all, it is an organisation which boasts of members in all these countries and has some responsibility surely to try and assist in coming up with a solution.

Name and address withheld.

Olivier Morel would like to point out that in last week's issue of The Lawyer his article on page 19 had the following misprint: "partners can only dabble…" It should have read "barristers can only dabble".