Litigation Writs 17/10/95

Ships engineer, Pietre Sannister, 49, of Hadleigh, Benfleet, Essex, is suing James Fisher and Sons, of Barrow-in-Furness, over back injuries he claims he received after an engine room fire in 1992. He claims he now has to wear a corset, take medication, is extremely restricted in activities and suffers from degenerative lumbar spondylosis as a result.

Writ issued by Bates & Partners, Southend. S1m

Jeffrey Wright, of London SE12, has launched a claim against his sister, challenging the validity of their grandparents' will. His writ seeks revocation of probate of two wills and letters of administration over the estates of his grandparents. He claims they were not of sound mind, memory and understanding when they made the wills under which his sister, Lisa Roberts, of East Sussex, is the sole beneficiary.

Writ issued by Judge & Priestley, Bromley, Kent. CH5601

Plans for a bridge over the River Medway in Kent from Maidstone's riverside Lockmeadow development site are at the centre of a pending £250,000 High Court dispute. Maidstone Borough Council has launched a High Court claim against London-based Leisure England following its alleged failure to honour an agreement to obtain planning consent for the bridge.

Writ issued by Nabarro Nathanson, London. CH5112

A row over a recent hit version of the gospel song Swing Low Sweet Chariot is heading for the High Court. In a writ just issued in the High Court's Chancery Division, US-based Windswept Pacific Entertainment and Terrace Corporation along with London-based Windswept Pacific Music are suing London-based Standard Music seeking declarations in respect of copyright in the musical arrangement of the Ladysmith Black Mambazo and China Black version along with damages.

Writ issued by Denton Hall, London. CH510


Compensation is being sought for seven-year-old Michelle Lantin, passenger in a car driven by her mother which was involved in a crash in London last year. She suffered bruising, abrasions and severe post-traumatic stress disorder. The claim is against the driver of the other vehicle, since convicted of dangerous driving and driving uninsured.

Writ issued by Greenhouse Stirton & Co, London. L1469