CC London chief to judge partner teamwork

David Bickerton

The move seeks to address internal fears that, in the wake of the recession, partners are not sharing attributed billed revenue.

“As business levels fall, some partners cling on to what they’ve got,” said Bickerton. “We have the metrics to measure partner performance on client development, career development and thought leadership. I think you get what you measure, and we have to measure ­collaboration and assists.

“It’s about behaviour – we want to crystallise behaviour that’s good and reward it.”

Bickerton, who was previously London head of capital markets, beat ­London finance head Mark Stewart in a contested election for the top London job, which includes overseeing the firm’s three Middle East offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

Bickerton replaced Jeremy Sandelson as London head. Sandelson was elected as global litigation head in October after standing against former Asia ­litigation chief Denis Brock.