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Covid-19: Returning to work – meeting your legal health and safety obligations

Key points: HSE receives 10% increase in its budget to support employers in ensuring a safe return to work Government guidance advises businesses to publish Coronavirus Risk Assessment on their website, with businesses who have over 50 workers “expected to do so” HSE will do spot inspections of workplaces to ensure employees are working safely […]

Furlough and redundancy: Jurisdictional comparison for Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey

The governments of Ireland, Guernsey and Jersey have created payroll co-funding/subsidy schemes in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The rules and eligibility criteria are different in each jurisdiction, as are the laws on furlough, variation of terms, redundancy and collective consultation. In this advisory, we have sought to help businesses with employees in one or more of these jurisdictions to understand the nuances and distinctions that exist under the respective laws.

For the love of lockdown

In this guest blog, Sophie Warren shares her thoughts on self-development for aspiring solicitors during lockdown. With experience of being a paralegal, blogger, Instagram influencer, as well as a keen runner, she has lots of experience and advice to share.

Time to go home: BP v Surrey County Council and RP

This case is of importance not only because it was likely to arise in other cases in the UK context of the coronavirus, but because Article 15 considerations arise in cases of grave importance, such as national security cases.


Ericsson brought in to manage CPS telephone system

THE Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has outsourced national responsibility for its voice communications services for the next seven years to telecommunications company Ericsson. International telecommunications systems suppliers Ericsson will manage voice communications across the CPS’ 100 sites, including voice mail, fax, paging and mobile phone facilities. The Charles Douglas Organisation, a firm of telecoms specialists, […]

Book of the week

Blackstone’s Police Manual Indispensable for any young assistant solicitor who is out on a heavy night of drinking. Amaze your friends as you quote section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872 when the police stop you as you are leap-frogging parking metres, and get them to call your mother citing section 4 of the Protection […]

Heaven knows he's miserable now

Young pop hopefuls must get early legal advice or face the bitter and costly courtroom fate of The Smiths, writes Roger Pearson. The value of getting early legal advice in business arrangements was illustrated in Joyce v Morrissey & ors, the recent Court of Appeal case involving ex-members of 1980s pop icons, The Smiths. A […]

It's been a bad week for:

Judges. Boy has it been a bad week for judges. Where to start? How about with Judge Martin Binning who imprisoned John McGranaghan for nine months following a knife attack, earning the ridicule of Private Eye. Lawyers for McGranaghan had argued that he had a serious medical condition after suffering two heart attacks while being […]

Minority lawyers losing out in legal aid reforms

Only one out of the 220 ethnic minority solicitors who attended a crisis meeting on legal aid reforms last week had a legal aid franchise. The meeting was called by Law Society council member Maria Fernandes, who wants the Government to give black and asian lawyers more time to apply for a franchise.

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