Readers who travel by London Underground may have noticed a rash of advertisements appearing on trains recently. “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” they ask.

If you’re thinking that the adverts are courtesy of the Conservative Party, you’d be wrong. They are, in fact, promoting the services of a law firm.

Each advert proclaims, in a fake handwriting font, “It’s time to impose limits …”, before finishing the sentence with the thing on which limits are to be imposed. Tulkinghorn has variously seen “on a heap of old hogwash & balderdash”, “on a lot of old cobblers”, and, bafflingly, “on a load of old flapdoodle”.

Tulkinghorn found himself utterly confused as to what ‘flapdoodle’ might be, and why it’s time to stamp down on it.

The firm concerned provides the usual range of services, from conveyancing to company and commercial, but proclaims finally: “And of course… immigration.”

Post-election bandwagon-jumping? Surely not.