Even better than a room at the Inns

Hearty thanks go to Lovells for another stellar press party, which included Flamenco dancing and some truly wonderful sausages. Possibly a little too stellar for one of Tulkinghorn’s scribes, who, in a rather tired and emotional state, found herself locked out of the house and embarked on a futile trek across London in a bid to find her keys.

Failing to get into The Lawyer’s offices at midnight, the pull of the Lovells press party was just too strong and she eventually returned to Atlantic House, well after her usual bedtime. Like Goldilocks, she ended the night tucked up safe and sound in one of Lovells’ very comfortable sleeping pods. And while we’re on the subject, they’re not really ‘pods’ at all, but more like tiny hotel rooms complete with television, en suite bathroom and chocolates on the pillow. The only thing missing was a kebab shop.