Tulkinghorn: The frost reports

The recruitment market may well be in a deep freeze at the moment, but as this picture shows Lovells is taking full advantage of the situation to boost its headcount.

Tulkinghorn: The frost reportsThe frost reports

The recruitment market may well be in a deep freeze at the moment, but as this picture shows Lovells is taking full advantage of the situation to boost its headcount. And by the looks of the ­picture, this chap is well
up on his ­market news.

Tulkinghorn has just one question: how did Lovells do the arms so well? They’re always the most difficult bit to get right.

Jizz quiz

Fountain Court is a pre-eminent set and houses some of the legal world’s foremost experts on sperm.

The set’s quiz team beat off stiff competition from law firms such as Allen & Overy and Clifford Chance, as well as fellow members of the bar from 39 Essex Street and Monckton Chambers, to win a charity quiz night at the Law Society.

Tulkinghorn understands that quiz master Clive Anderson posed the following question to ­thoroughly flummox the greatest legal minds:

Q: What was the subject of the recent Court of Appeal judgment: Jonathan Yearworth v North Bristol NHS Trust?
A: Sperm ownership.

Tulkinghorn assumes this is all legal.

Bandstand view

Tulkinghorn doesn’t have a holiday home abroad. It’s always so hard to get good Stilton south of Dover.

But one of Tulkinghorn’s moles has found that Nabarro managing partner Nicky Paradise is ­building her own ­garden of Eden on the Côte d’Azur in the South of France. Tulkinghorn’s scribe understands that the build has hit a slight snag, ­however, and it’s nothing to do with the credit crunch.

Apparently the house was intended to be a ­modern masterpiece, with glass walls to allow as much light in as possible. Unfortunately the large windows were cut to the wrong size, leaving the house with no walls at all. A chilly paradise.

On the job

Tulkinghorn’s first job at the age of 16 was as a fag at Eton. The hours weren’t great, but he learnt a lot about how the ­business world works.

He does envy ­Nabarro corporate partner Eliot Shear, however. One of Tulkinghorn’s moles quizzed him on his first job. As it turns out, Shear was a runner on the 1992 sci-fi classic Split Second.

He spend most of his time fetching cans of Diet Coke for the film’s stars, Rutger Hauer and Kim Cattrall (of Sex and the City fame). It appears the highlight of Shear’s job occurred during this time, when he had to work late at the office watching Cattrall film her shower scene.

Tulkinghorn wonders whether, during a life of corporate law, Shear will be able to top that.

Golden bait Bridge

There’s still gold in dem dar Mayfair jobs, as this picture of Charles Barter, the first general counsel at private equity house Bridgepoint, will prove.

Barter moved from Travers Smith to Bridgepoint last year and has been building up his own treasure trove of goodies ever since.

In this photo Barter is shown behind his favourite solid-gold chair. Not very comfortable, but pretty bling nevertheless.

Oh, and that background? It’s pure emerald.

The prime(ary) candidate

On the subject of big lateral hires, Tulkinghorn knows that training contracts are few and far between these days, but it seems that South West firm TLT Solicitors is building for its future with a young star.

Pictured is the firm’s new head of litigation Bobbilee Dyer, who was drafted in from the local primary school, where she was chief of playground dispute resolution.

In the picture are TLT senior partners Chris Goulden on the left and Robert Bourns.

At only eight years old, TLT’s new litigation ace will be a long-term investment for the firm. The new hire did not come cheap, though. It is understood that she came in at the top of the gummy bear ladder.