Nabarros campaigns away from home

NABARRO Nathanson is the first law firm to advertise its services on another organisation's Web site, as part of a multimedia advertising campaign.

The firm launched the advert on The Lawyer's home page last week. It is part of a 10-week campaign in the national and legal press, and at 16 separate London Underground sites.

The move is designed to promote Nabarros' "corporate position" and attract applications from assistant solicitors.

The Lawyer understands that the firm intends to recruit between 20 and 30 assistant solicitors, and has not ruled out the possibility of appointing new partners.

The advertisement takes the form of a constantly changing banner depicting the words "responsibility", "direction" and "ambition". It also acts as a hypertext link to its own Web site.

Independent legal IT consultant Delia Venables said: "About 330 law firms in England have Web sites, but as far as I am aware this is the first time a law firm has advertised on a separate site from its own."

Clifford Chance IT partner Christopher Millard said his firm was "frequently asked" if it wanted to advertise on other Web sites, but that it believed its own Web site attracted enough attention.

Nabarros PR manager Chris Hinze said Internet advertisements were cost-effective on Web sites with a lot of traffic.