The Lion, the Witch and the trademark

And then, in the land of eternal winter, Aslan appeared and illuminated everything before him in golden hues.

“Let the global firm Baker & McKenzie be gone with its claims of trademark ownership!” he thundered.

“Let it be known that I have appointed Alistair Payne of Matheson Ormsby Prentice to act for the father who coincidentally appears to own 78 domain names!”

“Let the last battle commence.”

Not since the excellent BlackBerry A&O costs row has the IP world been so agog. The story of CS Lewis’ estate marshalling Baker & McKenzie to sue a Scottish 11-year old for owning a Narnia domain name has got all the elements of the best adventure tale.

But is this giant-killing story quite what it seems?

Turn the page to The (or just click here) to find out the next twist in the tale. No dwarves or talking mice yet, but it’s only a matter of time.