County court orders Olswang partner to pay journalist's bill

OLSWANG libel specialist Geraldine Proudler was ordered by a county court to pay a bill for £2,751 to a journalist who had issued a summons seeking payment for work commissioned by the partner.

According to Sylvia Jones, former chief crime correspondent of the Daily Mirror, Proudler had commissioned her to carry out research for The Guardian in the run-up to its libel tussle with Tory MP Neil Hamilton and parliamentary lobbyist Ian Greer.

Jones says she submitted her invoice and receipted expenses to Proudler in September last year and she repeatedly requested payment before finally issuing a summons to the libel specialist at Central London County Court in April.

Last month, after Proudler had not filed a defence, the county court ordered her to pay Jones £2,751.

Jones said she had then been forced to threaten further court action before she was finally paid some nine months after she submitted her invoice.

“I phoned her to tell her, as a matter of courtesy, that I was about to request her to appear in court, in person, to examine her assets to find out why the sum was still outstanding,” Jones explained.

Proudler declined to comment on the matter.