Tulkinghorn: Tweet and sour

Tulkinghorn has discovered that a Taylor Wessing tweeter found himself in extremely hot water at the Supreme Court during the recent New Cap Reinsurance Corp & Rubin & Lan v Eurofinance SA & & AE Grant trial.

Tweet and sour

According to sources close to the action, Taylor Wessing partner Nick Moser was asked to stop sending live updates after Chadbourne & Parke partner John Verrill raised concerns about the feed. Moser had been instructed as an intervener in the case for Irving Picard, trustee of Bernard L Madoff  Investment Securities.

Apparently, the Supreme Court justices hearing the case were only alerted to the feed after Verrill wrote to all counsel asking them to stop. What a snitch.

Luvvy interest
Now what’s this? Tulkinghorn has discovered that the clerks team at Fountain Court has taken to hanging out with a dubious fellow from rival Shoe Lane Chambers.

“Shoe Lane who?” we hear you cry.

Fountain Court senior clerk Alex Taylor clarified the situation when one of Tulkinghorn’s spies caught up with him the other day. Apparently, Taylor was drinking in the local refreshment house when he noticed Neil Stuke, aka senior clerk Billy Lamb from BBC bar drama Silk, also enjoying a pint. A friend dared Taylor to introduce himself and he did, offering a card.
A few weeks passed until, out of the blue, Stuke got in touch, so Taylor invited him in for a visit and a spot of lunch.

The following day Stuke found himself explaining to BBC Radio 6 how, after a long lunch, he ended up on stage feeling a little the worse for wear. Clearly not a real clerk then.
Still, perhaps we’ll see a few more bar scenes in the next series thanks to Taylor.

Olympic oaths
The Olympics are just around the corner and the City is gearing up for an expected invasion of millions of sports fans, but the infrastructure is already creaking at the seams.

That was the impression Tulkinghorn got recently at least when he learned that West End media firm Clintons’ air conditioning had given up the ghost, Withers’ electrics had broken down and one of the party taken on the London Eye by a particularly well-known City partner had fainted after the air conditioning packed in – all on the single hot day of the British summer. Tulkinghorn simply can’t wait for the Games to start.

Taxi loss
Tulkinghorn’s spies are everywhere, so watch out. The other evening one such beady-eyed chap was getting into a taxi at Linklaters just as one of the firm’s partners was vacating the vehicle.

The spy did his duty by subsequently grilling the cabbie sufficiently to learn that the lawyer’s fare had been more than £40. A little further investigation revealed that the lawyer had taken a cab from Hampstead to Berkeley Square to meet a client, but that said client was already in a separate cab heading from Berkeley Square to Silk Street. The combined total of pointless cabbary was around £80, along with a hefty contribution to the Linklaters’ carbon footprint. Bingo. 

Which law firm partner had to wash off layers of make-up for a 9am client meeting after dressing up as a Native American the previous evening?