Conquering the Wireless World by Douglas Lamont,

published by Capstone (ISBN 184112138X)

This is going to be big. Trust me. I am not talking about the mobile internet or any of those sci-fi scenarios put about by BT Cellnet a couple of years ago or the prophets of 3G now. No, I mean 'cellspace', the set of relationships enabled by mobile communications. And it is a space ripe for marketing.
Lamont's book carries eulogies from such marketing notables as Philip Kotler and David Jacobson of law firm Sonnenschein. And as one of the first texts to look at the mobile landscape as it is set to create that cellspace, it indeed deserves praise.
Lamont admits from the start that the situation in his native US is lagging behind Europe and Japan. He then goes on to look at how 'm' can be sold to enable the revolution to begin. The majority of his book looks at m-commerce, the selling of goods and services through cellspace. He does this comprehensively, with an array of figures, facts and business cases.
It is here that the broader marketing wisdom comes through for the attentive reader. Yes, cellspace will be the next great shopping mall… possibly. It will definitely be the next space to generate lasting and powerful relationships – look at SMS (short messaging service). And if you haven't not got the message yet, relationships are a) what marketing is about and b) the only good thing new media does well. What mobile media does is make those relationships anywhere, anytime and as such they up the ante on marketing.
Lamont's book does not provide the blueprint for mobile marketing, particularly in terms of business-to-business or professional services marketing, but it does offer a framework to begin to think about the next revolution, not in technology but in relationships.