A vision in yellow

The hilarity was turned all the way up to 11 in the PR room at Allen & Overy (A&O) last Wednesday (11 January), when that day’s issue of the FT hit the desks. On page 23, in full CDO-selling glory, was a thoughtful-looking trader type bearing an uncanny resemblance to the firm’s top comms man Iain Rodger.

A call from Tulkinghorn to confirm the identity of the ‘model’ only got the Dodger’s voice mail at first – perhaps he was out flogging debt, or doing a modelling stint for GQ?
Luckily, a colleague was on hand to confirm that it was indeed the great man. Later the same day the star himself ‘fessed-up: “Yes, it’s a fair cop, it was taken 12 years ago when I was at Reuters,” he said. “An agency had come in to take some stock shots and I and another guy were asked to just sit at our desks and pretend to be working while they took the photos.

“Honestly, those sideburns were very fashionable at the time, and no I don’t still have that very à la mode yellow shirt.”

He is, however, still highly skilled at sitting at his desk pretending to be working… allegedly.