Wacks Caller winners in Fox Brooks Marshall defection

NEW senior partner Andrew Wright has vowed to re-build Fox Brooks Marshall following a large-scale defection to Wacks Caller.

Established Manchester practice Fox Brooks was dissolved after four partners and nine other fee-earners left to join the rival north west firm.

But Wright, who declines to comment on reasons for the split, has re-formed the practice and will continue to trade under the old name.

“I'm sad about it, but that's the modern way. It's not the first and it won't be the last time this sort of thing happens,” says Wright.

“But we have taken the view that the firm as a whole is greater than the individuals. Fox Brooks Marshall has a long-standing reputation in the city and we intend to continue that,” he adds.

“We will be embarking on some heavy recruitment. We will not be hanging about.”

The recruitment by Wacks of managing partner Geoffrey Smith and the other Fox Brooks staff sees the firm double in size. Two former assistants have been made up as partners.

Arran Wacks, managing partner of Wacks Caller, says: “It is a very significant move for the practice.”

The firm has grown steadily since it was set up by Wacks after he left Halliwell Landau in 1986.

“Although we have always recognised that size is important, we had a deliberate policy of moving forward on enlargement only when absolutely sure that the commercial integrity and client-orientated ethos of the practice would not be prejudiced,” Wacks says.

The expansion will streng-then the firm's commercial property and commercial litigation capabilities.