Litigation Writs 17/01/95

Nicholas Kerman, who was sacked from a u62,000 a year job, has issued a High Court writ claiming damages from BS Group, of Stapleton Road, Eastville, Bristol, and SR Restaurant, of New Cavendish Street, London W1. Kerman was appointed chief executive of SR Restaurant on September 4, 1990, and his employment could only be terminated with notice of four years and ten months. His work benefits included six weeks holiday a year and a car and annual salary increases. In 1990 BS Group acquired SR Restaurant, and he was appointed executive deputy chairman of BS Group, but the writ claims that in breach of agreement his employment was ended from 31 July. The companies are also accused of breaching the agreement by failing to increase his salary each year, failing to provide him with a car between November 1993 and July 1994, and only giving him three weeks holiday in the year 1992 -1993 and only two days in the year 1993-1994.

Writ issued by Jay Benning Levine & Peltz, London W1. K987

The parents of a child who suffers congenital rubella syndrome after his mother contracted the disease during pregnancy are suing Camden and Islington Health Authority. Isabel and Brendan MacNeill, of London NW6, accuse the health authority of negligence in treating Mrs MacNeill at the Royal Free Hospital in 1990, and failing to diagnose that she had developed rubella during pregnancy. The writ says he suffers from the effects of congenital rubella syndrome, which will affect him permanently.

Writ issued by Daniel & Harris London NW6. M2462

Cheshire County Council is being sued by teacher Jacqueline Symes, 29, who injured her back trying to stop school children fighting. On 21 January, 1993, she was taking a physical education class for six children with emotional and behavioural difficulties at St James' Junior School in Chester. In a bid to stop two fighting children injuring each other, Ms Symes intervened, the writ says. She is said to have injured her back lifting one of them away, resulting in restricted leg movement among other things, and to be unable to teach physical education or teach in the emotional and behaviourally disturbed unit. The writ says the county council has indicated it proposes to retire her on the grounds of ill health.

Writ issued by Reynolds Porter Chamberlain, London.