Burges Salmon set for India, China advance

Burges Salmon is ­focusing on India and China as part of a push to expand its ‘better friends’ network into emerging markets.

<a class=Burges Salmon set for India, China advance” />Burges ;Salmon ;is ­focusing on India and China as part of a push to expand its ‘better friends’ network into emerging markets.

The Bristol-headquartered firm has already ­chosen two firms to work with in New Delhi and is pursuing partners in China.

The move comes after a review of Burges Salmon’s international strategy that led to the creation of subcommittees to manage links with referral firms in India, China and the Middle East.

Previously there was a single committee covering all emerging markets.
Burges Salmon prefers to have non-exclusive relationships with two or three firms in each jurisdiction.

It settled on New Delhi-based Associated Law Advisers and Singhania & Co after meeting with several potential Indian partners at its UK offices at the end of last year.

The firm already has established relationships in Dubai and Qatar, but has yet to find suitable friends in China.

Burges Salmon head of international Chris Seaton said: “We’re looking closely at China and we’re having meetings with potential candidates.

“We’ve identified emerging markets as an extremely important area and we’re keen to create links.”

The firm began a strategic review in January 2008 and decided to focus more on emerging markets. Each new subcommittee is staffed by one partner and a team of associates.

Burges Salmon is also looking for a new referral partner in the Netherlands after former ally Faasen & Partners joined Eversheds International in October last year.

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