Moratorium should stay

I could not disagree more with Jacqueline Siers's view (The Lawyer, 3 February) that the Law Society's decision to lift the moratorium on Legal Practice Course (LPC) places will improve the standard of the LPC or indeed benefit LPC students.

Firstly, courses will run into administrative and design difficulties as larger numbers of students enter law schools. Secondly, the rush to meet demands of huge numbers will, in fact, reduce the quality of the courses. In my opinion, it is a myth that higher income from course fees are ploughed back into course enhancements.

Further, any LPC graduate who has not yet secured a training contract will tell you how tough it is out there.

Lifting the moratorium is achieving nothing more than wasting the talents of intelligent able students who are already chasing the all too few contracts that are available on the marketplace.

These graduates are being forced to enter alternative professions often after having made great waste of Britain's legal resources. It is a sad situation for the future of the English legal system.

Minaxi Rana,

LPC Graduate.