Don’t quote me on that…

Fiona Callister on Simmons’ David Dickinson: ‘It is fair to say that communication is something that is a little lacking between the two of us. Unfortunately, it is not helped by the noise of the air-conditioning, which means that I keep missing bits of the conversation as Dickinson’s volume control seems directly proportionate to his interest level. Fortunately he does not drum his fingers on the table too loudly; just a soft, repetitive tap.’ (18 March)

Catrin Turner, KLegal: ‘Being triplets as children, we were stared at anyway. We got on this route of opening three-screen cinemas in North London together with another set of triplets.’ (7 January)

Matheu Swallow on Charles Flint QC: ‘Flint’s calmly-delivered advice on how best to handle a loop-the-loop is to compress your stomach as you go into it and then on the exit relax with an aggressive grunt. Grunting simultaneously with such an esteemed member of the Bar is a highly unusual experience.’ (20 May)

Chris Jones, Hammonds: ‘I think – though some would argue – we’ve jumped over that canyon. DLA has definitely jumped over that canyon. I’d like to think that, although we didn’t jump as far, we’re on the right side.’ (29 July)

Nigel Knowles, DLA: “I’m leading DLA to do what I think is absolutely right for DLA. What will make them absolutely the best and to live forever. This isn’t a personal indulgence.” (25 February)

Stuart Popham, Clifford Chance: ‘You go from the euphoria of winning to thinking that this is a big job. I think it would only be natural to have the occasional butterfly in the stomach or moment of contemplation.’ (21 October)

Philip Vallance QC: “There’s something about barristers that makes them if not pompous at least ponderous, and if not arrogant at least fairly pleased with themselves.” (21 January)

Ralph Baxter, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe: ‘If we’re going to get into discussions with a UK firm, it’s likely that they’d have a broader sector focus than just technology; and certainly we’d be interested in a firm that had a deep finance capability.’ (11 November)

David Harrel, SJ Berwin: “The energy that is in the place is enormously creative, but has destructive possibilities too.” (27 May)

Trevor Soames, Howrey Simon Arnold & White: “Gardening leave wasn’t what I thought it would be. I thought it would be a jolly nice holiday, but it isn’t quite like that. I’m very happy to be out of it.” (3 June)

Christopher Millard, Linklaters: “When I was clearing out my desk at Clifford Chance I came across an amusing in-house magazine from when I was still an articled clerk, which described me as the ‘articled partner’. I’d forgotten about that.” (12 August)

Stephen Fogel, Dechert: “I don’t delude myself. It takes a while to get people in place and win partners’ confidence worldwide.” (9 September)

Simon Beswick, Osborne Clarke: “I believe we can build a stock of international businesses which will take us onto another level. I’m utterly convinced.” (23 September)

Christopher Kandel, Cadwalader: “I’m conscious that I have to try harder because I don’t have the market clout of Allen & Overy. I like to think that I look after my clients with more individual attention.” (30 September)

Big Brother’s PJ: “All the offers are very tempting. But I could never be a star and I don’t want to be a flash in the pan. In law I can have a career that lasts 40 or 50 years.” (7 October)

Tower Snow, Clifford Chance: “I had seen the memo. I give the associates enormous credit for writing it and for signing their names to it.” (25 November)