Law goes to college

I read with interest the article headed "Legal help comes to the campus". I am sorry to disappoint the South Wales firm Hugh James in their claims to be the first in the country to launch free campus-based legal advice clinics for students and college staff.

Until October of this year, I was employed in Doncaster and during my last 12 months there I established and managed a campus-based legal advice clinic at Doncaster College, which has more than 27,000 students and in excess of 1,000 staff.

When the legal advice clinic started in October 1995, business was very brisk. At first the clinic was held weekly and I recall that at least three staff or students would drop into the clinic every week.

On one occasion we had as many as eight students to attend to. But, unfortunately, initial interest then appeared to wane and the clinic was reduced to a monthly visit. However, a continuing worthwhile take up was achieved with particular interest at the beginning of each academic year and the start of each term.

I left Doncaster to specialise in employment law with the Employment Unit of Messrs Dutton Gregory & Williams in Winchester.

Mark Broad

Dutton Gregory & Williams